Telstra to invest $5 billion into its mobile network

Telstra is set to invest over $5 billion into their mobile network between now and June 2017.

It intends to expand its 4G footprint to 99% of the Australian population and deploy the next generation of 4G technology including peak network download speeds of up to 600mbps (75Mbps).

The mobile arm of Telstra accounted for 41% of total revenue in 2014/15 and this largely due to the large increase of mobile phone users in the past decade.

Telstra’s dominance is under significant pressure from competitors Optus and Vodafone and with TPG’s latest billion dollar dark fibre deal with Vodafone, it is only going to get more heated.

In recent years, Singtel backed Optus has bought back franchises, decreased price and increased the data allowances for mobile users and as a result has successfully increased its customer base.

Previous tests made comparing the 4G and 3G networks in Australian cities have shown that Vodafones 4G network has the fastest performance.

Time will tell what the future holds but the competition will only help Australian mobile phone users.

Microsoft can turn your smartphone into a desktop computer

Microsoft Display Dock


Microsoft has always been that kid in school that no-one seems to play with. He’s there but his social awkwardness makes it hard to understand. This was the trend but it might change with their recent announcement. Microsoft intends to give you the power to turn your smartphone into a desktop computer.


Micro USB is the current standard for smartphones (all phones not Apple), however, USB type C cables is set to replace Micro USB in becoming the standard for charging and connecting our smartphones to and from other devices.


Microsoft’s latest smartphones, the Lumia 950 and 950XL will both have a USB-C port. To turn your Lumia 950(XL) into a desktop computer, all you need a monitor, mouse, keyboard and Microsoft Display Dock. This dock will allow you to connect your Lumia to HDMI, DVI and USB – which allows you to connect to most computer peripherals.



Windows 10 Word

When running like a computer, your monitor will show what you’d normally see in a Windows 10 computer. It won’t however, run full desktop programs and will instead scale up your mobile apps. I believe this may change in the future one day but in the meantime, it still is a very interesting proposition.


For businesses and individuals who use a desktop but don’t need a powerful one for graphics design or gaming, this make sense. What this technology means is that you will be able plug your phone into the dock and the phone becomes an instant computer and when you want to leave or go to another room, simply unplug it like you already do when you charge your phone.


USB type C may be the ultimate standard with many speculating that there is a chance USB type C will replace Apple’s lightning cable. With Apple’s lightning cable currently a large part of Apple’s ecosystem, there will be many who may be unhappy if this speculation were to become true. Time will tell what the future holds for the USB type C standard.

Turn Your Old iPhone Into Cash

iphone old

Do You Have An Old iPhone Lying Around?

Do you have an old Apple iPhone that is lying around, unused at home? A lot of people have spare iPhones but many don’t realise how much they can sell it for. Most people realise once they start using their spare iPhone, that they can’t live with an old outdated phone and simply buy a new one.

What should you do with your old iPhone?

Since it is impractical to keep that old iPhone as a spare, you might as well sell it while it is worth something. The best place to sell your iPhone is Greener Mobile.

The Benefits of Recycling Your Old iPhone

We understand it is hard to part ways with your old iPhone, however, you will be quite surprised by how much money it is still worth. There are many people out there that are not fortunate enough to buy the latest and greatest, but still want a reliable Apple iPhone. By selling your iPhone to Greener Mobile, we’ll make sure your iPhone goes to a happy new home.

On top of getting paid handsomely for your iPhone, we also plant a tree on your behalf. We firmly believe in making mobile phone ownership more efficient and environmentally friendly and this is just one of the green initiatives that we run.

It’s Easy To Sell Your iPhone

It’s a very simple process to sell your iPhone or any other phone to Greener Mobile. Simply find out how much your phone is worth, enter a few details and we’re in business. We then send you out a sales pack containing a parcel bag and some instructions. Simply pack your bag with the required stuff and post it off at any Australia Post outlet or box. After that we simply pay you once we’ve seen and reviewed your phone. What are you waiting for, go sell your old spare iPhone now!