Microsoft can turn your smartphone into a desktop computer

Microsoft Display Dock


Microsoft has always been that kid in school that no-one seems to play with. He’s there but his social awkwardness makes it hard to understand. This was the trend but it might change with their recent announcement. Microsoft intends to give you the power to turn your smartphone into a desktop computer.


Micro USB is the current standard for smartphones (all phones not Apple), however, USB type C cables is set to replace Micro USB in becoming the standard for charging and connecting our smartphones to and from other devices.


Microsoft’s latest smartphones, the Lumia 950 and 950XL will both have a USB-C port. To turn your Lumia 950(XL) into a desktop computer, all you need a monitor, mouse, keyboard and Microsoft Display Dock. This dock will allow you to connect your Lumia to HDMI, DVI and USB – which allows you to connect to most computer peripherals.



Windows 10 Word

When running like a computer, your monitor will show what you’d normally see in a Windows 10 computer. It won’t however, run full desktop programs and will instead scale up your mobile apps. I believe this may change in the future one day but in the meantime, it still is a very interesting proposition.


For businesses and individuals who use a desktop but don’t need a powerful one for graphics design or gaming, this make sense. What this technology means is that you will be able plug your phone into the dock and the phone becomes an instant computer and when you want to leave or go to another room, simply unplug it like you already do when you charge your phone.


USB type C may be the ultimate standard with many speculating that there is a chance USB type C will replace Apple’s lightning cable. With Apple’s lightning cable currently a large part of Apple’s ecosystem, there will be many who may be unhappy if this speculation were to become true. Time will tell what the future holds for the USB type C standard.