Recycling with Mobile Muster

If a mobile phone has reached the end of its useful life, Mobile Muster is a great place to recycle it.

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What's your mobile device worth?

Mobile Muster does not pay you to recycle your old device

Find out what your device is worth

We will pay you for your mobile if there is resale value. Enter the make and model of your device to sell yours for cash.

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How to recycle a phone that has no value?

Mobile Muster has a free recycling service that covers all over Australia

Send your old electronics to Mobile Muster

Mobile Muster has several options for you to recycle your old electronics which are of no value. They have drop off points, mailing and even pick up options all over Australia.

We have no direct affiliation with Mobile Muster, however we believe that they are a responsible not-for-profit organisation that can safely recycle old electronics.