Apple iPhone X – The Good & Bad

Apple iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X was recently released in a keynote event, showcasing its features in usual Apple style. There was a large press conference and they displayed and demonstrated all the next generation Apple products. There were mixed reactions across the board regarding their latest iteration the iPhone X.Deviating from the previous iPhones, the iPhone X has an edge to edge OLED display as well as no home button. Instead, the phone will be unlocked through facial recognition (we’ll get to this later). Another new added feature to the new iPhone X is Qi wireless charging.

The Good:

Wireless Charging

We think having Qi Wireless Charging in the new iPhoneX is a great addition. The option to charge wireless or to charge through a cable means that iPhone users will finally have the flexibility to choose. This is long overdue and it appears Apple has come around to appreciate this technology.
The Bad:

The Bad:

Loss of touch ID

Touch ID is a great feature for any smartphone. It’s fast, convenient as only one motion is required to unlock your phone. The loss of this feature for the iPhone X is horrible to say the least. The facial recognition unlocking feature looks tacky and over the top. Completely unnecessary coming from a company that usually takes pride in minimalist designs.


Apple Australia also has released local pricing of the devices. The iPhone X will cost $1579 for64GB, or $1829 for one with 256GB of storage. They will be available in silver and space grey. They can be ordered from October 27 and Apple says it will be on sale from November 3.


The user interface has changed as well for this model. Users of the iPhone X will need to learn how to communicate to their iPhone X as there is no longer a home button. We predict there may be a push back to the loss of the home button as it does not have any virtual keys like most Android phones do. Andrew Freeman, a writer from wrote that it will be easy to get used to the buttonless iPhone X.


Latest News

Recently, it has been surfacing that the Apple iPhone X has been suffering from manufacturing issues. The Romeo & Juliet modules required for facial recognition are reportedly taking too long to manufacture, potentially causing a bottle neck of supply. This may mean that most people will have to wait longer until they can buy the iPhone X.

Overall, we don’t think that this phone will be flop. It has some amazing hardware and change is always strange at first. Perhaps in a few years time, it will be said that the iPhone X was the beginning of the next way of smartphones.


What happens to Aussies’ unwanted smartphones?

 pile of smartphones

Most of us don’t even think about how we dispose of our old phones. With one in seven Australians upgrading despite owning fully-functioning devices, we really should think about our e-waste.


According to research by comparison site,, one third of phones will actually spend the rest of their days waiting in a drawer to be used for emergencies. With 15.3 million active smartphones, that’s over 5 million working handsets simply collecting dust, and possibly a little rust as well.


Although this is not ideal, it’s better than the 6% of smartphones which are thrown in the bin because they are no longer serviceable.


Mobile phones are filled with harmful and toxic substances such as arsenic, mercury, lead and copper. While phones only contain trace amounts of these compounds, these poisonous chemicals and metals can end up an environmental disaster when they end up in large quantities in landfill.


I know for some it’s hard to resist the temptation of upgrading to a new smartphone. So how do you know when it’s definitely time to purchase a new device?


The battery is weak (and a replacement doesn’t fix it)

If you find your battery only last a few hours, it’s probably time for a new phone. It’s worth looking into battery replacements, although with many phones having heavily sealed batteries this can be a costly exercise, and it’s not a rock solid guarantee to fix some battery problems. Sometimes it’s cheaper to just bite the bullet and purchase a new phone.


It’s unbearably slow

Perhaps your touch screen has started to lag, or every time you try to send a message your phone screen freezes. As time goes on your phone will become slow and sluggish. There’s no point in walking around with a temperamental phone that can’t even do the most basic of tasks.


It randomly shuts down

This is a no-brainer really. If your phone frequently shuts down mid-task, you need to purchase a new one. The random closing of apps, services and the whole system is definitely a serious pain point, especially if it leads to you missing important calls, emails or texts.


You’re on the 2G network

If you’re not already aware, late last year Telstra stopped servicing customers on the 2G network. This meant that roughly 100,000 people were cut off from making phone calls or sending messages from their existing handsets. If you’re with Optus or Vodafone and rock an old school (1990s early 2000s) handset, you’ll be faced with a similar problem. It’s a good idea to start thinking about upgrading your plans and handsets now.


If you’re in the market for a new phone, make sure you also consider how you’ll dispose of your old handset. Rather than keep it locked away and unused you could donate it to a family member or friend. Or if you’re up for making a little bit of cash instead, you could sell it to a mobile recycling service.


Just remember, there are a number of ways to dispose of your phone correctly, and chucking it in the bin with the rest of your day-to-day waste is not one of them.

How To Save Phone From Water Damage

How To Save Phone From Water Damage


Are you hurting after dropping your mobile phone into water? Here are some things you can do to to save your smartphone from a watery death.

1. Remove Phone

The more time your phone stays submerged in water, the more likely there will be damage. The less time your phone spends while submerged in water, the better.

2. Turn It Off

The worst thing water can do to your phone is short circuit it. By turning off your mobile phone, you can reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Apple iPhones: Hold the lock button together with the home button for 5 seconds to shut down your iPhone.

Android: Take out the battery (if possible, some Samsung Galaxy’s have removable batteries). Otherwise, hold down the lock key and swipe the screen when the shutdown prompt appears.

3. Drain it

Take out any removable attachments such as SIM cards, earphones, SD cards, etc. Drain the phone by letting water out through those now empty phone ports and outlets.

4. Wash Phone In Isopropyl Alcohol

Water contains impurities which can harm your mobile phone’s sensitive parts. Purchase some isopropyl alcohol that is 99% or higher, empty it into a little container let your mobile phone sit there for at least 60 minutes. The alcohol will push out most impurities once it cycles within your mobile phone. Alcohol evaporates much quicker than water and won’t leave any impurities whilst tap water will.

5. Open It (Optional)

The best practice to prevent damage is by opening up your mobile phone. Please only do this if you feel confident and have the right tools, proceed at your own risk! You can visit for specific instructions on opening up your mobile phone’s model. Once opened, you can use a soft toothbrush to lightly scratch off any left over debris or minerals deposits. These mineral deposits will cause corrosion if left untouched.

6. Dry It

If you followed step 6, leave your phone out to dry. To speed up the drying process, you can utilize an air compressor/duster to blow off any excess liquid.

If you did not open up your phone, leave it to dry in a well circulated surface. Do not leave it in rice, this method has been tested and is simply a myth.

There have been tests and leaving your mobile phone in Silca Gel sacks or Couscous is the most effective.

7. Wait

If you opened your mobile phone up and physically dried it from within, leave it overnight to dry thoroughly.

Otherwise, leave it out to thoroughly dry over a few days.

The key is to be patient and wait. Waiting will improve the chance of your phone surviving its swim.

8. Test It

After your mobile phone is dry, reassemble it if you opened it up. Take a stab at turning it on, in the event that it turns on then you’re good to go. On the off chance that unsuccessful, try:

– Charging it

– Syncing it

– Swapping the battery

If your mobile phone still doesn’t turn on after trying all the above, it most likely died during its swim. You can take it a local repair shop to try fix it, however this may simply be economically unviable. If this is the case, you can sell your mobile phone and buy a used smartphone or tablet for a cheap replacement for your existing water damaged smartphone or tablet.

Why Hoarding Your Mobile Phone Is Bad For The Environment

Mobile phone technology allows us to learn, connect with and communicate to people around the globe. It’s utility has helped propel humanity into a new era of instant communication allowing for all sorts of opportunities that previously did not exist. The world has embraced mobile technology, so much so that in India, there are more mobile phones than toilets!  


Australians upgrade their phones roughly every 24 months. As the next generation of phones is purchased, older generation phones have traditionally been passed on to immediate family members. As more brand new phones are purchased, there are fewer people to pass these older generation phones due to there being a smaller pool of people without phones. This is one of the reasons why there are over “23 million unwanted phones” in drawers all over


Australia according to Mobile Muster. Depending on how these phones are disposed this lot of unwanted phones could be an environmental catastrophe. Incorrect disposal of consumer electronics poses an environmental issue. E-waste will be one of the largest environmental issues this century alongside clean energy consumption and climate change.


“Electronic waste, or ‘e-waste’ can include all electronical products that are no longer wanted or useful”. E-waste contains chemicals such as Arsenic, Beryllium, Cadmium, Lead, Lithium, Mercury, Nickel and more. There are also useful materials in e-waste such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Lithium and plastics. E-waste is so bad in fact, that it is banned from being thrown in regular landfill bins across Australia. The reason is quite clear; we as a society do not want our country, nor any other country to end up like the Agbogbloshi e-waste dumping site.


By recycling your mobile phones properly, we can efficiently extract around 94% of the materials in the phone and reuse them to make other things. Reusing recycled materials saves us from having to dig holes to get those resources. This helps reduces potential greenhouse emissions that are caused by our little mobile phone. Keeping a spare phone means that spare phone will not realise its full working life. Consumerism is bad for the environment, unnecessary consumerism even worse. If you don’t need the phone, simply sell it or recycle it.


If you need to throw away your old phone, simply pop down to your local Mobile Muster bin. You can sell your phone online and there are many ways to do this. eBay, Gumtree,as well as local Facebook buy and sell pages are good places to look to sell your mobile phone. Greener Mobile is a recommerce website that provides a service were you can sell your phone. It’s ultimately quite easy to recycle your mobile phone and help make the entire consumer electronics industry more sustainable.

Buy Second Hand Phones Cheap helps Australian’s sell their phones and tablets with ease. Our mission has always been to make consumer electronics more environmentally sustainable and this is why we plant a tree for every device sold to Greener Mobile.

We’ve know it can be daunting to buy a second hand smartphone, which is why we want to recommend a trustworthy website to purchase used or pre-owned devices.

Akoda specialises in selling second hand phones as well as quality phone accessories at the lowest prices.


They provide FREE shipping Australia wide, no minimum spend.


They also sell quality brand new accessories for cheap:

Micro USB Cables – $2

All Tempered Glass Screen Protectors – $8

All Clear Bumper Cases – $5


Visit their website for more information.

Telstra to invest $5 billion into its mobile network

Telstra is set to invest over $5 billion into their mobile network between now and June 2017.

It intends to expand its 4G footprint to 99% of the Australian population and deploy the next generation of 4G technology including peak network download speeds of up to 600mbps (75Mbps).

The mobile arm of Telstra accounted for 41% of total revenue in 2014/15 and this largely due to the large increase of mobile phone users in the past decade.

Telstra’s dominance is under significant pressure from competitors Optus and Vodafone and with TPG’s latest billion dollar dark fibre deal with Vodafone, it is only going to get more heated.

In recent years, Singtel backed Optus has bought back franchises, decreased price and increased the data allowances for mobile users and as a result has successfully increased its customer base.

Previous tests made comparing the 4G and 3G networks in Australian cities have shown that Vodafones 4G network has the fastest performance.

Time will tell what the future holds but the competition will only help Australian mobile phone users.

Microsoft can turn your smartphone into a desktop computer

Microsoft Display Dock


Microsoft has always been that kid in school that no-one seems to play with. He’s there but his social awkwardness makes it hard to understand. This was the trend but it might change with their recent announcement. Microsoft intends to give you the power to turn your smartphone into a desktop computer.


Micro USB is the current standard for smartphones (all phones not Apple), however, USB type C cables is set to replace Micro USB in becoming the standard for charging and connecting our smartphones to and from other devices.


Microsoft’s latest smartphones, the Lumia 950 and 950XL will both have a USB-C port. To turn your Lumia 950(XL) into a desktop computer, all you need a monitor, mouse, keyboard and Microsoft Display Dock. This dock will allow you to connect your Lumia to HDMI, DVI and USB – which allows you to connect to most computer peripherals.



Windows 10 Word

When running like a computer, your monitor will show what you’d normally see in a Windows 10 computer. It won’t however, run full desktop programs and will instead scale up your mobile apps. I believe this may change in the future one day but in the meantime, it still is a very interesting proposition.


For businesses and individuals who use a desktop but don’t need a powerful one for graphics design or gaming, this make sense. What this technology means is that you will be able plug your phone into the dock and the phone becomes an instant computer and when you want to leave or go to another room, simply unplug it like you already do when you charge your phone.


USB type C may be the ultimate standard with many speculating that there is a chance USB type C will replace Apple’s lightning cable. With Apple’s lightning cable currently a large part of Apple’s ecosystem, there will be many who may be unhappy if this speculation were to become true. Time will tell what the future holds for the USB type C standard.

Turn Your Old iPhone Into Cash

iphone old

Do You Have An Old iPhone Lying Around?

Do you have an old Apple iPhone that is lying around, unused at home? A lot of people have spare iPhones but many don’t realise how much they can sell it for. Most people realise once they start using their spare iPhone, that they can’t live with an old outdated phone and simply buy a new one.

What should you do with your old iPhone?

Since it is impractical to keep that old iPhone as a spare, you might as well sell it while it is worth something. The best place to sell your iPhone is Greener Mobile.

The Benefits of Recycling Your Old iPhone

We understand it is hard to part ways with your old iPhone, however, you will be quite surprised by how much money it is still worth. There are many people out there that are not fortunate enough to buy the latest and greatest, but still want a reliable Apple iPhone. By selling your iPhone to Greener Mobile, we’ll make sure your iPhone goes to a happy new home.

On top of getting paid handsomely for your iPhone, we also plant a tree on your behalf. We firmly believe in making mobile phone ownership more efficient and environmentally friendly and this is just one of the green initiatives that we run.

It’s Easy To Sell Your iPhone

It’s a very simple process to sell your iPhone or any other phone to Greener Mobile. Simply find out how much your phone is worth, enter a few details and we’re in business. We then send you out a sales pack containing a parcel bag and some instructions. Simply pack your bag with the required stuff and post it off at any Australia Post outlet or box. After that we simply pay you once we’ve seen and reviewed your phone. What are you waiting for, go sell your old spare iPhone now!

Updating to iOS 9, WiFi Assist – is it good or bad?

The recent release of Apple iOS 9 included extra features such as Apple News, better battery life, and split-screen multitasking. There is also a new feature called “WiFi Assist” which turns on by default once you update to iOS 9.

WiFi Assist detects if your WiFi speed is slow and switches your iPhone into using mobile data there are no buffering issues. This setting will be ideal for users that want a seamless experience when viewing content. It will also be convenient if you live in a house and your WiFi connection isn’t all that reliable. If you do utilise this feature, you will need data.

If you don’t have much data in your mobile plan, WiFi Assist might create bill shock. For those who are unaware of this feature and fall into this category, they may very well burn up their data limit whilst under the impression they are using WiFi. The solution to prevent this would simply be to turn off the feature. Since it is so simple to utilise or to disable this feature, we think it is a good feature.

Apple’s iPhone 6s goes on sale.

Apple will be selling the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus (16GB, 64GB and 128GB) in Silver, Space Grey, Gold and Rose Gold 8AM Friday, 25/9/15. They will be sold in Apple Stores around Australia as well as select stores and online for Telstra, Optus, Vodafone Virgin and select Apple resellers.

If previous launches are to go by, you will most likely need to be quick to grab one on launch date. As per usual, the top of the range iPhone won’t come cheap – an iPhone 6s Plus will set you back at least $1,500!

Apple iPhone 6s Plus:

  •  16GB: $1229
  •  64GB: $1379
  •  128GB: $1529

Apple iPhone 6s:

  • 16GB: $1079
  •  64GB: $1229
  •  128GB: $137

For those that feel inclined but might not need a new phone, they can always sell their old mobile phone for a good price at Greener Mobile.