Keeping up-to-date with the latest phone accessories

New phone accessories are coming to the market all the time… sometimes it’s hard to keep up! So we’ve put together the 11 hottest accessories for you here. Maybe something will take your fancy?

Portable mobile printer

It’s great to always have your photos to hand on your phone, but sometimes you might like to print a few off to have on display at home, or send as a gift to a friend. These handy little printers are great for printing your photos on the go or at your leisure. Prices range depending on whether you choose mono or colour. The choice is yours.

Selfie stick

Certainly not the new kid on the block, these useful gadgets are still as popular as ever and make taking selfies so easy. And did you know they’ve actually been around since 1925!

Mini tripod

It can be so frustrating trying to balance your phone or hold it still whilst videoing, it’s so hard to get it just right! Mini tripods will hold your phone still and can be manipulated into the perfect position to give you the best angle. An essential piece of kit for taking video on your phone.

Attachable ring lights

Wow! Photographer lighting on your phone! By attaching this ingenious light to the front or back of your phone, you can easily overcome disappointing light conditions to give you perfect lighting all of the time.

Mobile flash drives

Great for when you’re out and about and the dreaded storage warning appears on your phone. Rather than having to start deleting some of your treasured videos or music to make space, you can simply transfer some files onto your mobile flash drive.

NFC tags

Near-field communication (NFC) tags are small stickers that can be placed on objects that you’d like to communicate with your phone. For example, they can be used to control smart devices in your home, such as smart light bulbs, smart TVs, etc. But by far our favourite use is to place a tag on the back of a plate and program it to interact with one on the table, so it automatically texts the family for tea… brilliant!

Power banks

Power banks have come a long way since they were first introduced. Today, for as little as $30, you can charge up three iPhone 14 batteries from one 10,000mAH bank. Perfect for festivals and camping holidays.

Gaming controllers

Plug and play devices allow gaming anytime and anywhere. But you can’t quite beat playing your favourite games with console-quality control. The Xbox Care and PlayStation DualSense for your phone have removed the need for plug and play whilst maintaining that original remote feel.

Stress reliever phone cases

Such a simple idea and yet so useful! With fast-paced, busy, stressful lives becoming the norm, and anxiety on the rise, a Pop-it phone case could help you to ease away the stress caused by reading that email or scrolling through that post. Lots of great colours available too, to brighten your day!

Car phone holder with wireless charger

The perfect device for using Google Maps on long car journeys, whilst avoiding the need for leads that may get in your way or at the very least become an annoyance. They conveniently fix easily onto your car air vent and with many phones now capable of wireless charging, this is the ideal accessory for the sat-nav-less car.

Phone projector

No more huddling around the phone to show your favourite photos to your friends. A phone projector lets you project the content of your phone onto a larger screen… in your garden, on holiday, absolutely anywhere!

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