How clean is your smartphone?

How often do you use your smartphone? And do you use it in lots of different locations, such as on the bus or while you’re in the bathroom?

We’re betting that the answers are 1) lots and 2) yes. So it stands to reason that it probably picks up a few nasty bugs along the way.

How could it not when you’re using it anywhere and everywhere? There’s simply no way your smartphone could remain sterile given the sheer amount of usage it gets day after day.

But the fact is, bacteria on our smartphone isn’t really something that many of us stop to think about.

And that’s despite countless studies lifting the lid on some possibly uncomfortable truths about how dirty our handsets really are.

Indeed, some research suggests that the typical smartphone carries more bacteria than a toilet seat, which makes sense when you think about it, as you’ll clean your bathroom on a regular basis.

If you’re not cleaning your phone, you should.

Keeping your handset clean doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, as a basic microfibre cloth or antibacterial wipe will do the job nicely.

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