How to Save Money when Buying your New Phone

These days many more people are looking to find ways to reduce their outgoings. So in this article, we’ve put together some useful ideas to help you cut the cost of buying a new phone.

Buy a good-as-new refurbished phone

We are seeing more and more people choosing to buy a second-hand refurbished phone rather than a brand-new handset, in order to save money. Recently, having the latest phone doesn’t appear to be a top priority for some people and the data appears to back this up.

Buying a second-hand phone is a great way to save money, but it can be worrying if you don’t know who you’re buying from. There are lots of second-hand phones available to buy online, but buying from someone you don’t know can end in disappointment and frustration when the handset you receive isn’t in the condition you thought it would be.

Buying a pre-owned phone from Greener Mobile will not only give you a phone that looks and works as good as new for much less money, but also the peace of mind that you’re buying a phone from a reputable, award-winning company. All of the phones we refurbish undergo extensive testing from our team of qualified engineers, restoring them to almost brand-new status. We have a wide range of reconditioned smartphones available right now, so why not take a look!

Sell your old phone

We’re all guilty of putting off until tomorrow what we can do today, and getting around to selling our old mobile phones is no exception. If you’re thinking of upgrading your existing phone, don’t just throw it in a drawer with all your other old phones, after all, once they’re out of sight they’re out of mind.

Instead, consider selling your old phones to help pay for your new phone. It is a great idea and they might be worth more than you think. But don’t take too long about it, old phones devalue with time, so clear out that drawer!

Selling your old phone to Mazuma is really quick and easy. Our prices are competitive and the price we quote is the price you get, or we’ll return your phone for free. It couldn’t be fairer than that! Find out what your phone is worth today.

Is a contract or SIM-only the best option for you?

Buying your new phone outright reduces your ongoing monthly costs and you won’t have any surprise rate increases either, making it easier for you to budget your finances. It also allows you to buy SIM-only, putting you in control of your usage. With unlimited calls and texts common, it’s only the data usage you will need to keep eye on. And as most SIM-only deals are rolling contracts, you can cancel whenever you need to should your circumstances change.

Do you even need to upgrade?

If your phone is still in good condition when your contract expires, don’t feel obliged to upgrade to a new one. Your provider may try and convince you that you need the latest model, and you may be tempted by the improved camera or the fancy new colour range. But, as the old saying goes, if it isn’t broken why fix it? You could be spending money unnecessarily for the sake of it.
Alternatively, you could keep your old handset and change to a SIM-only deal. Or if you’re still keen to upgrade, but don’t want to spend money on a brand-new phone, you could buy a pre-owned handset from Greener Mobile.

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