Posting Your Mobile

What is required and recommended prior to posting your device

To ensure we process your order and pay you as quickly as possible, we need you to do the following BEFORE posting your mobile:


Remove your device from your telecoms account

You will need to call your telecommunications provider if any of the following apply:

–   Your phone was not purchased outright.

–   You still have an outstanding balance that requires settling with your provider.

–   The device you are selling has been reported stolen or has an IMEI block.

–   Your device is still attached to your provider.

Remove any passwords, passcodes or tracking features

–   For Apple Devices, turn off “Find My iPhone” feature.

–   For other devices, remove any security features such as passwords or screen locks and device tracking applications.

Wipe your device clean of any data

–   For your ease of mind, we recommend that you wipe your device of any data to ensure your privacy.

Carefully pack your device

–   To ensure your device arrives safely, please ensure it is packed tightly with any protective material you may have handy such as a box, bubble wrap, cardboard, newspaper, paper, bags, etc.

Provide a photocopy of one of the following forms of ID:

Proof of identity is required with each sale.

Customers will need to provide a photocopy of:

–  A Passport or

–  Driver’s License or

–  Learners Permit (photo) or

–  Licence issued under the Firearms Act (photo) or

–  Tertiary Education Card (photo)

This is a legal requirement for all second-hand dealers by the Second-Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 1989, S9. Our license registration number is SHD-0015255.


Backup your data

–   Back up any data that you would like to keep such as photos, videos, documents and contacts. Once it is wiped, you will not be able to recover it.

Send your device as soon as possible

–   Your offer expires 30 days after you receive your order confirmation via email. Please be sure and send it in as soon as possible.

Include accessories (optional)

–   If you have spare cables that you no longer need for your device, we will happily recycle them.

Please Note: Any attempt to sell a lost or stolen phone is in violation of criminal law and will be reported to law enforcement agencies.