Updating to iOS 9, WiFi Assist – is it good or bad?

The recent release of Apple iOS 9 included extra features such as Apple News, better battery life, and split-screen multitasking. There is also a new feature called “WiFi Assist” which turns on by default once you update to iOS 9.

WiFi Assist detects if your WiFi speed is slow and switches your iPhone into using mobile data there are no buffering issues. This setting will be ideal for users that want a seamless experience when viewing content. It will also be convenient if you live in a house and your WiFi connection isn’t all that reliable. If you do utilise this feature, you will need data.

If you don’t have much data in your mobile plan, WiFi Assist might create bill shock. For those who are unaware of this feature and fall into this category, they may very well burn up their data limit whilst under the impression they are using WiFi. The solution to prevent this would simply be to turn off the feature. Since it is so simple to utilise or to disable this feature, we think it is a good feature.

Apple’s iPhone 6s goes on sale.

Apple will be selling the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus (16GB, 64GB and 128GB) in Silver, Space Grey, Gold and Rose Gold 8AM Friday, 25/9/15. They will be sold in Apple Stores around Australia as well as select stores and online for Telstra, Optus, Vodafone Virgin and select Apple resellers.

If previous launches are to go by, you will most likely need to be quick to grab one on launch date. As per usual, the top of the range iPhone won’t come cheap – an iPhone 6s Plus will set you back at least $1,500!

Apple iPhone 6s Plus:

  •  16GB: $1229
  •  64GB: $1379
  •  128GB: $1529

Apple iPhone 6s:

  • 16GB: $1079
  •  64GB: $1229
  •  128GB: $137

For those that feel inclined but might not need a new phone, they can always sell their old mobile phone for a good price at Greener Mobile.

How to sell your old mobile phone for cash

Australians tend to upgrade their mobile phones every 18-24 months. It is estimated that there are over 25 million unwanted mobile phones in homes all around Australia. The average Australian household is home to at least 1 unused device and this figure is expected to grow. These devices are estimated by us to have an average worth of $40 each which equates to over $1 billion worth.
To help Australians extract more value from their old mobile phones and tablets, Greener Mobile provides an easy solution to sell your old mobile devices online. To find out how much your device is worth, use one of the following two methods:

  1. Searching by model

By using this method, you can find your device by searching the model of your phone, eg. “iPhone 5” or “Galaxy S5”. Our system may display multiple devices it thinks you may be after.

  1. Searching by brand

You can find your device by browsing the brands that we accept. We buy mobile phones and tablets from a variety of different brands.

Once you have found your mobile device, select its condition and if you accept the price we offer, “add to cart”. Proceed to “checkout” once you have selected all of your mobile device(s) you would like to sell.

Once on our checkout page, you will have the option to register/login, enter/review your details and then select the method you would like to receive payment. Enter in your all your IMEI numbers in the IMEI number box. You have to pick from the 3 options: bank transfer, cheque or PayPal (additional 2% fee since PayPal takes a 2% fee). Once you complete this and agreed to our terms and conditions, your order is complete.

Greener Mobile will check the IMEI numbers to ensure that they are not registered lost or stolen. Once confirmed, we will post a sales pack with 24 hours. This pack will contain an order invoice, some instructions and a reply-paid parcel bag so you can post your mobile device for free. Properly pack your mobile device alongside required ID and post it at any Australia Post outlet or parcel box. Within 24 hours of receiving your mobile device(s), payment is made as long as what we receive is consistent with the order.